Spa Manicure

A luxurious and sophisticated manicure involving four steps lasting approximately 1 hour

CitruSoak Hands are soaked in warm water with a revitalizing citrus scented cleanser. The nails are conditioned with an a.h.a cuticle eraser and Solar Oil.

Exfoliating Crystals a thorough massage and skin exfoliation is carried out on the hands. The exfoliating crystals will remove dead skin cells.
Crystal Activator the hands are again massaged with the crystal activator which when combined with the exfoliating crystals forms a rich penetrating serum. The hands are then wrapped and kept warm for 10 minutes.
Finishing Lotion the hands are unwrapped and existing product removed. The hands and forearms are then massaged with a rich moisturizer leaving the skin supple and polished with lasting smoothness. Nail polish is applied if desired..

Spa Pedicure pure indulgence approx 1.5 hrs

Sea Rock Soak A soothing hydrating aromatherpeutic foot bath treatment containing tea tree oil, fragrant eucalyptus oil and softening rice bran oil, as well as anti-inflammatory Dead Sea salts and vitamin E for moisture.

Sea Salt Glow The ultimate mineral scrub, sea salt glow contains therapeutic mineral and sea salts to gently exfoliate and polish the skin. Vitamin E for natural moisture, sunflower oil to soften, and yarrow flower extract to cleans and smooth.

Marine Masque Hydrating sea extracts, conditioning mineral clays, soothing botanicals enlivening menthol make a rejuvenating masque for the feet and an awakening experience for the senses feet feel soft, moisturized and cool for hours.

Cucumber Heel Therapy This rich restorative heel cream contains a moisture intensive complex of aloe, allantoin, panthenol, and eurea to aid in the repair of dry, damaged skin. Chamomile moisturizes and acts as a natural anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory, while cucumber soothes and refreshes.

Massage Silk An outstanding alternative to traditional massage oil, massage silk provides plenty of lubrication for long lasting foot and calf massage with little residue.

Fabric Fibreglass/silk system

In the past, using only one quality of resin meant that maximum strength was only achieved by adding more layers and therefore more bulk. With Fabric maximum strength is achieved by using three different qualities of resin and the results are.

Speed and Versatility
Client Customisation
Quality, toughness & Strength

No other wrap system offers the versatility of Fabric, which is suitable for all nail types and conditions so why not try Fabric today and get beautiful natural looking nails.